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None has been sentenced yet, and all three face up to 30 years.

$33 million Capital Gains Tax Valuations Amount of homebuyers’ payments misdirected into Erpenbeck Co. accounts over the course of three years. About $26.28 million worth of those checks were not repaid at .

the start of the investigation. As part of his plea deal, Bill Erpenbeck has agreed to pay back what’s left of the debt. Property valuation controls taking a gander at full house to release up that it’s seen as expense in the

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• 295: Transactions in which 10 federally insured construction lenders were defrauded by Erpenbeck. 

•  3: People who have pleaded guilty to bank fraud so far in the ongoing FBI investigation: Bill Erpenbeck, who admitted he led the scheme; his sister, Lori Erpenbeck, who admitted her role in perpetrating the scheme as the

head of the company’s accounting, and Michelle Marksberry, the company’s closing agent, who admitted she participated in stealing checks

that were supposed to be paid to Erpenbeck’s lenders but were instead deposited into Erpenbeck accounts at Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky and Firstar Bank, now U.S. Bank. 

• 2: Individuals still under investigation: Former Peoples President John Finnan, who in one taped April 2002 conversation with Erpenbeck discusses

how Finnan kept a loan to cover a $4 million overdraft secret from the bank’s board, and then-Executive Vice President Marc Menne. 

Bill Erpenbeck’s hope of a lighter sentence has been dealt a significant blow with his arrest this week on a charge of witness tampering. Property

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A day before a planned sentencing hearing in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, FBI agents picked up Erpenbeck and his father, Tony, after both

reportedly tried to persuade Lori Erpenbeck to change her testimony. According to FBI agents, the two men wanted Ms. Erpenbeck — Bill’s sister and Tony’s daughter — to take the blame for the $33.9 million scandal that brought down the Erpenbeck Company. 

But the speed of the investigation and the government’s pointed response show it does not take too kindly to those who try to intimidate or otherwise interfere with witnesses. In case you have to know your home estimation

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