Property Valuers a unified database of valuation reports has been launched, which makes it possible to estimate real estate singly, free of charge, without expedient to special associations or certified pundits. It’s enough to enter the specific characteristics of the apartment, plot or house for trade into the system, and in a matter of seconds it gives out its cost.
still, using this assessment option, numerous don’t indeed know about the risks that they will have to face. originally, such a instrument is valid for only 30 days, and in such a short period it’s far from always possible to vend real estate, while the valuation report is valid for 6 months from the date of its medication. Secondly, to singly gain a instrument in the database, you must have the EDS key( single digital hand), which not all citizens of the country have. And thirdly, and then lies an important factor, the automatic evaluation system is far from always suitable to adequately estimate real estate. For illustration, three-room apartments with analogous characteristics in the center of Poltava and in the center of Kharkov can be priced nearly the same, although, as we understand, a three-room apartment in Kharkov will bring further than in Poltava, and such a price won’t correspond to the real request. At the same time, this instrument of the value of the object can be used in the sale, taking into account the fact that levies will have to be paid from it.


still, also the stylish option would be to communicate with the reviewer directly If this prospect doesn’t suit the dealer. According to the law, the proprietor of the alienated real estate can apply to the reviewer if the advised value by the system doesn’t represent the request or it’s inconvenient for him to singly gain an instrument of value. The reviewer, in turn, can acclimate the value that the system showed within 20, bringing it to an index of the real requestprice. However, the annotator’s evaluation won’t be honored, If the result of the annotator differs from the automatic system by further than 20. And also the dealer will have to agree with what is, or ask the reviewer to submit an operation for reviewing the report to the SPFU( State Property Fund of Ukraine). The procedure for considering operations is lengthy and no bone
guarantees a satisfactory result.
Doing an assessment yourself or reaching an expert is an individual choice for everyone. But if you don’t want to face the problems described over, use the services of an reviewer.

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Property Valuation APPRAISER CAREER

Real estate appraisers play a key role in the process of selling and buying real estate. Their common duties include appraising homes, commercial buildings, land, and other properties, as well as preparing reports, updating on the local real estate market, and handling additional responsibilities as required. Real estate appraisers often specialize in land, commercial and residential properties. The day-to-day duties of a real estate appraiser may include preparing value reports, inspecting and photographing a property, as well as developing legal descriptions and data for multiple properties.

The main roles of the real estate appraisal specialist

Real estate appraisers most often work for real estate companies, such as at Philippe RIVOIRE , although they may also work for banks, building societies or related companies. Depending on their specialties, assessors may work more frequently at visit sites or spend more time working in an office. Appraisers generally have full-time work schedules of 40 hours. However, independent appraisers may work more hours than a standard work week.

Academic requirements

Although there are no specific requirements to become a real estate appraiser, most who enter the trade have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. With a view to a career in real estate appraisal, common courses in a two-year bachelor’s degree program include fundamentals of appraisal, basic appraisal procedures, sales comparison approach, market analysis, economics, IT and business.

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